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CANpie FD Protocol Stack

Manufacturer: Microcontrol GmbH

The CAN driver CANpie FD (Controller Area Network Programming Interface Environment) offers a standardized programming interface for development of CAN-based applications.

The driver forms the basis for higher layer protocols (CANopen / J1939) and may be used for manufacturer-specific CAN communication between embedded systems. CANpie is available for a wide range of microcontrollers (more than 150 at the moment). A variety of configuration options facilitates adjustment to individual target systems.

Migration from CANopen Classic to CANopen FD is possible at any time and only up to your entrepreneurial decision. Long-term efficiency of this new generation of protocol stacks is a standard feature and Industry 4.0 requirements are met at the same time.



  • Modular structure with versatile configuration options
  • Optimised to low resource requirements (ROM / RAM)
  • Wide range of supported CAN controllers
  • Support of standard frames (11-bit identifier) and extended frames (29-bit identifier)
  • Data exchange via interrupt or polling
  • Support of virtual mailboxes




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