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EtherCAT Slave Protocol Stack

Manufacturer: Microcontrol GmbH

The EtherCAT slave protocol stack provides the complete functionality for integration of the EtherCAT standard in your individual EtherCAT slave devices. Versatile configuration options facilitate individual adjustment to the target system.

The Application Service Elements (ASE) of the protocol may be switched on or off - to save resources. CoE (CAN over EtherCAT) is an integral part of the protocol stack. Our CANopen protocol stack forms the basis of our EtherCAT slave protocol stack. The well established CANopen protocol stack contributes effectively to stability, performance and protocol conformity of the CoE.

Optional ASEs, such as

- FoE (File Access over EtherCAT),

- EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT),

- SoE (Servo Drive Profile over EtherCAT),

- AoE (ADS over EtherCAT)

may be implemented and activated where required.


Example codes facilitate the startup phase, enabling the user to focus on the implementation of their own application. A consistent driver interface provides the flexibility to use any EtherCAT slave controller (ESC) available on the market.


  • Implementation according to EtherCAT specification V1.0.2
  • Compliant to EtherCAT conformance test requirements
  • Connection of EtherCAT slave controllers (ET1100 and ET1200)
  • Full support of CoE
  • Supports 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers
  • Optimized to low RAM / ROM requirements
  • Modular software structure

Scope of delivery

  • EtherCAT slave protocol stack as ANSI-C source code
  • Ready-to-run examples for various demo boards
  • Manual in English (electronic and printed version)
  • Site-related company licence without royalty fees
  • 12 months technical support by email or telephone


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