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CAN Source Code

Manufacturer: Microcontrol GmbH


The driver CANpie ( Controller Area Network Programming Interface Environment ) is a standarized API for software engineering of CAN applications.

The driver source is the base for many higher-layer protocols ( CANopen / DeviceNet / J1939 ). Driver sources are available for a wide range of microcontroller platforms.
The CANpie drivers are scalable and modular - thus are easy to implement.

  • Modular design, scalable, easy to implement
  • Optimized for low resources ( ROM / RAM )
  • Wide range of supported CAN controlers
  • Support of standard and extended frames ( 11-bit / 29-bit Identifier )
  • Data flow by polling or interrupt driven
  • Supports virtual mailboxes

 An outline of the CANpie project is available on SourceForge. 


Order Number                



50.10.010AtmelAT90CAN32 / AT90CAN64 / AT90CAN128
50.10.011AtmelAT89C51CC01 / AT89C51CC03
50.10.032AtmelAT91SAM7X128 / AT91SAM7X256 / AT91SAM7X512
50.10.026CygnalC8051Fxxx (C8051F040, C8051F041)
50.10.021FreescaleColdfire (MCF523x / MCF528x)
50.10.023FreescaleXGATE (MC9S12XDP512)
50.10.016Fujitsu16LX family 340 (MB90F342 / MB90F347 / MB90F349)
50.10.017Fujitsu16LX family 385 (MB90F387)
50.10.024Fujitsu16LX family 495 (MB90F497 / MB90F498)
50.10.033Fujitsu16FX family 340 (MB96F347 / MB96F348)
50.10.004InfineonC16x family (C161 / C164 / C167)
50.10.030InfineonXC166 family (XC161CS / XC164CS / XC167CI)
50.10.012MicrochipPIC 18Fxx8x family (18F4680 / 18F6680 / 18F8680)
50.10.022MicrochipPIC 18F2682 / 18F2685 / 18F4682 / 18F4685
50.10.037MicrochipPIC 32MX family (PIC 32MX5xx / PIC32MX7xx)
50.10.008NECμPD70F32xx family (AFCAN)
50.10.015NXPLPC21xx family (LPC2119 / LPC2129 / LPC2292)
50.10.063NXPLPC 177x / LPC178x family
50.10.064RenesasR8C/34W family
50.10.027STSTR7 family (STR710 / STR712)
50.10.028STSTR9 family (STR910 / STR911 / STR912)
50.10.065STSTM32 family (STM32F103x)
50.10.066STSTM32 family (STM32F105/107)
50.10.067STSTM32 family (STM32F2xx)
50.10.068STSTM32 family (STM32F3xx)
50.10.069STSTM32 family (STM32F4xx)
50.10.031STST10 family (ST10F26x / ST10F27x)
50.10.020Texas InstrumentsDSP TMS320F28xx
50.10.025Texas InstrumentsDSP TMS320LF24xx


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