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Winlog Pro is a powerful, low cost and easy to use SCADA software that allows you to develop Web Server applications that can be accessed by Internet clients via a browser.

Key Features:

  • Multi-language SCADA HMI Applications
  • 1000s of symbols and animated objects
  • Protocols Modbus, Siemens, Omron, KNX, etc
  • OPC Client Interface and ODBC support
  • History files exportable in CSV format
  • Integrated programming language
  • Distributed Client/Server architectures
  • Applications with Web Server support


Introducing Our New SCADA Hardware and Software Product Range From Sielco Sistemi

DAQLOG Systems are pleased to announce a new range of hardware and software products that allow you to build SCADA HMI applications for Industrial and Building Automation.


IOlog includes a wide range of input/output modules and isolated serial converters/adapters which are available in three different versions: “Compact” (SS3000 series), “Webserver” (SS8000 series) and “Industrial” (SS10000 series).

A wide range of Digital and Analog I/O modules with Voltage, Current, Thermocouple and RTD Inputs are available. All I/O modules guarantee highly accurate and stable measurements over time, also in the presence of temperature changes. A dual Watch-Dog, consisting of both hardware and software, controls the proper CPU operation and sets outputs to safety values in case of communication failure. Signaling LEDs allow an immediate diagnosis of device operations. The full galvanic isolation ensures a good protection against possible interferences present in the industrial environments.

Based on the different versions, I/O modules have a RS485 interface with a Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol or an Ethernet interface with a Modbus TCP protocol.


Capable of measuring from low to high temperatures continuously at a frame rate of 40Hz, the R450 Series is ideal for use in inspecting infrastructure, facility maintenance, research and development, and quality control. 

The R450 Series is available in two models: the R450 with a measurable temperature range of -40 to +650°C and the R450Pro with its range of -40 to +1500°C. Optional lenses include 2x Telephoto, 2x Wide Angle and 52μm Close up Magnification.


  • Super Resolution Mode
  • Image Synthesis Mode (picture-in-picture, side-by-side, Fusion)
  • Automatic movie recording (R450Pro)
  • Quick Panorama Function
  • Tilting LCD Monitor

Typical Applications include:

  • Evaluating heat resistant paint
  • Electrical inspections
  • Resistance welding
  • Structural Inspections - buildings, roads and bridges

For more information, please contact us or view our product page here.



    R550 Series Thermal Imaging Camera    

With high speed sampling of up to 120Hz and high resolution capable of 1.2 million pixels, the R550 Series Thermal Imaging cameras are a powerful Research and Development or diagnostic tool and replace the discontinued R500Ex Series. Two camera models and a variety of lenses are available for various applications, including:

  • temperature evaluation and analysis in device overload testing, capturing high speed temperature change
  • laser machining
  • resistance welding
  • temperature monitoring in manufacturing lines
  • electrical inspections

For more information, please contact us or view our product page here.



Loggito is a new decentralised and highly scalable data acquisition system. In combination with the web-based measurement technology software ProfiSignal Web, Delphin Technology AG provide a pioneering complete package to link decentralised data acquisition with global data visualisation wherever you are.

As the central coordinator of a measurement network, the Loggito Logger provides internal data storage capabilities, preprocessing options for the acquired data, as well as connectivity to PCs and the cloud. With the pioneering “cloud at the edge” measurement technology, the Loggito is also capable of utilising the full functionality of the cloud. The measurement network can be extended by using either the wired Loggito USB module or the wireless Loggito Wireless module.