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SIR-1000 Series

Producer: Sony Precision Technology


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The Sony SIR-1000 Series (SIR-1000 / SIR-1000i and SIR-1000W) are high-speed digital data recorders which apply Sony's latest AIT recording technology to meet the ever-advancing needs of measurement applications. SIR-1000i is capable of recording 20kHz for 16 or 32 channels and expanding the channels up to 128 per recorder. SIR-1000W is a wide band recorder for data of 4 channel-160kHz, 8 channel-80kHz, or 16 channel-40kHz. All the Sony SIR-1000 Series recorders are equipped with independent AD/DA converters with 16-bit linear quantization and 64 time oversampling digital filters for each channel. Together with the SCSI-2 high-speed data transfer, these features allow the recorder to be used as a high performance front end. Data recorded on the SIR-1000 Series can be played back on an AIT streamer drive.This makes the recorder a very user and computer-friendly data collection system.


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