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EdasWin Data Analysis Software

Manufacturer: TEAC


EdasWin is a software package for offline analysis and report from Analog, CAN, GPS and Video Data for presentation in conjunction with TEAC VR 24 measuring system.


EdasWin is a comprehensive offline analysis package. In Addition to all common mathematical and statistical features, EdasWin offers auto-analysis, data browser, native reader for many foreign data formats, synchronous display of measured signals and video streams, automatic noise suppression, damage calculation, GPS - interpolation, course and map display. Extensive layout funct ions are available for documentation. The high speed of data processing (up to 100 Mio. measured values) and the sophisticated operating concept allows efficient working with EdasWin.


Analysis and Functions in AdasWin


  • Unlimited number of signals can be displayed in each plot
  • Unlimited number of plots can be created
  • 100 000 000 values will be displayed in a sec(Standard PC)
  • Cursor Function with Peak Detection.
  • X-Y zoom with selectable boundaries.
  • Cascade display, Campbell display, Spectrogram
  • Play-back sound files

GPS Functions:

  • Course representation on the basis of measured GPS data
  • Interpolation
  • Conversions in length

Calculation Functions:

  • complete mathematics
  • Differential and Integral, Calculus
  • Absolute value
  • Positive and negative signal isolation
  • High and Low pass digital filters with selectable order and corner frequency
  • FIR Filter, with programmable filter function, no phase angle
  • CFC60, CFC180, CFC600, CFC100 Filter
  • Cycle duration
  • Counter
  • Conversion between Cartesian & Polar Coordinates
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Floating average: mean, max and min
  • A, B, C weighting filter
  • Polynomic calculation
  • Linearization

Signal Editing:

  • Graphical drift correction, Line & Offset correction
  • Automatic spike detection and suppression
  • Signal recalculation with selectable clock rate
  • Signal shift along time axis
  • Curve shape editor

Statistical Analysis:

  • Time at Level
  • Levelcrossing
  • Rain Flow
  • Range Pair
  • Rotational analysis
  • Damage

Video Functions:

  • Time-synchronously presentation of up to four video streams
  • Video cut inclusive related analog data
  • Object tracking with report of coordinates
  • Export Video and analog data into .wmv Data

Signal analysis:

  • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
  • Cross Spectral Density (CSD)
  • Coherence
  • Order analysis
  • Terz- / Octave analysis
  • Transfer function
  • Y sampling across any selectable signal
  • X -Y Plot
  • Regression
  • Cross correlation
  • Dynamic signal movement from cross correlation

Other functions:

  • Plausibility check from measured data records
  • Batch analysis
  • Macro function for recurrent calculation specifivation

Layout editor for report generation:

  • Create standard templates for printing plots
  • Commentary editor for enter and display from text information.
  • Voluminously layout creation with any pages

Data Import:

  • Import from different data formats with direct reader functionality
  • Binary
  • B&S
  • µ Musics
  • Diadago, DIADEM
  • E.d.a.s.
  • RPC3 / RSP
  • TurboLab
  • MDF
  • DCF
  • UFF58
  • Ist/Rigsys
  • Chapter10
  • MDF 4.1

Data Export to multiple data formats:

  • Binary
  • Diadago
  • E.d.a.s.Win
  • E.d.a.s.
  • MatLab
  • RPC3 / RSP
  • TurboLab
  • UFF58
  • Free MATLAB® reader for direct reading data file from MATLAB® without conversion
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