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RM1100 Series

Category: Handheld Loggers
Manufacturer: A&D


The compact RM1100 Portable Data Recorder from A&D (formally AVIO / NEC AVIO) provides reliable data collection in challenging rugged environments. A large 7" TFT LCD colour touch screen display and refined GUI are ideal for quick setup, data capture and playback. Coupled with "Realtime", "Memory" and SD card recording modes plus up to 1µS sampling rate, the RM1100 handles the most demanding high speed applications. Recording to SD Card or PC via Ethernet ensures long time continuous recording. Waveform printing is available with the optional thermal printer.
This AC or battery operated recorder with rugged casing satisfies your different requirements for Predictive Maintenance, Quality Control, R&D, Automotive Drive Testing and remote-controlled data acquisition.

  • Signal Input up to 8 channels
    4 channels (RM1101) or 8 channels (RM1102) of both Voltage/Temperature and Logic Inputs.
  • Outstanding Usability
    Dynamic waveform display on 7" wide & large LCD. Touch-screen with GUI offers easy operation.
  • Built Tough
    Shock and drop resistance withstanding continuous vibration environments such as on-board vehicle tests (MIL-STD-810G 514.5C-1)
    Wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, compact & rugged case endures dusty and humid environments.
  • Excellent Portability
    Long term continuous operation with rechargeable batteries. Can also be powered with 8.5 to 24VDC as well as AC adapter. The RM1100 is lightweight at approximately 1.5Kg with full measuring capabilities.
  • Measurement Capability
    Three measuring modes available: Real-time (paper), Memory (Snap-shot / transient) and Filing Mode (SD card storage).
    High speed recording up to 1µS to Memory or SD card. Long term recording to SD Card, PC or optional Thermal Chart Printer.

The wide 7" LCD allows dynamic waveform display of up to 8 channels. Users can also set numeric value and waveform screen divisions for various purposes.

Printing Feature
Data can be printed on a recording chart at a paper speed of 10mm/sec, effectively turning your portable logger into a Thermal Chart Recorder. (Requires optional External Thermal Printer)
Recorded waveform data of selected channels can also be printed in different formats; by channel or overlapping, etc. Signal position and amplitude can be easily ajusted independently for each channel.

RM1100 Printing Capabilities

Universal Inputs
4 or 8 channels of Voltage/Temperature Inputs and Logic Inputs.
Wide Voltage input range from +/-100mV to +/-500V Fullscale.
Thermocouple inputs  using type R, T, J, K and W Thermocouples.
4/8 channels of Logic inputs, selectable between voltage or contact input for each channel.

PC Software
A&D's Unifizer LE for DAQ, supplied as standard, enables remote controlled operation via Ethernet: Setting, Recording to PC, Playback and Post-Analysis:

  • Connection with RM1100
    Control the RM1100 via Ethernet and also read saved data from the SD card.
  • User-customized Screen Displays
    Parallel display of Record & Playback screens: Display Digital Data, Y-T graphs, X-Y Graphs and Bitmap data on screen with customized layouts.
  • Report Functions
    Inserts comments or arrows to waveforms on screen and print the images for reporting.
  • Numerous Calculation Functions
    Arithmetic, Calculus and Trigonometric functions, FFT, etc. using real-time or post-acquisition data.

Unifizer LE for DAQ Software


RM1100 Main Specifications

Display7" TFT Touch Panel LCD (800 x 480 pixel resolution)
Input4 channels of Voltage / Temperature and 4 channels Logic (RM1101)
8 channels of Voltage / Temperature and 8 channels Logic (RM1102)
Sampling Speedwith 1ch: 1MS/s (1µS) to 1S
with 2ch: 500KS/s (2µS) to 1S
with 4ch: 200KS/s (5µS) to 1S
with 8ch: 100KS/s (10µS) to 1S (RM1102 only)
TriggerSource: Voltage/Temperature inputs or logic inputs. 4 or 8 channels.
Mode: OR, AND, OFF or Timer
Analog Trigger Type: Level Trigger or Window
Storage MediaInternal Memory: 2,000,000 data/ch
SD Card, corresponding to SDHC
CommunicationLAN (10/100BASE-T)
RS-232C (For Thermal Printer)
Temperature / Humidity-20°C to +60°C, 35 to 80% RH
Vibration ResisitanceCompatible with MIL-STD-810G, 514.5C-1
10Hz to 500Hz, Random wave 1 hour each to X, Y, Z directions
Dust / Splash ProofIP41 (IEC60529) when optional RM11-402 splash-resistant cover is used.
Power SupplyAC Adapter: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz to 12V DC Output
DC Power: 8.5 to 24VDC
Battery: AC adapter is prior to battery operation
Battery TypeLi-ion rechargeable batteries
4 hours in continuous use, (3 hours for RM1102)
Power ConsumptionApprox. 9W
Dimensions267W x 152H x 84Dmm, Excluding projections
WeightApprox. 1.5Kg (not inclduing AC adapter and batteries)


Recording Modes

ModesMemory Mode: (Saves data to internal memory)
Filing Mode: (For long-term saving to SD Card)
Real-time Mode: (For printing out to external Thermal Printer)
Memory RecordingCapacity: 2,000,000 data/ch
Division: 1 to 100 div (1000 to 20,000 - 1000 to 2,000,000 data)
Memory FilingStorage: SD Card
Data Form: Data is saved on SD card in binary format every time when it is stored into memory
Memory Waveform PrintingPrinting Density: Voltage axis - 8 dots/mm; Time axis - 8 dots/mm
Copy Magnification: x100, x50, x20, x10, x5 to x1/10,000
Real-time ModePrinter: Print out to optional Thermal Printer
Recording Speed: Max. 10mm/sec
Recording Division: 1, 2, 4 divisions (1, 2, 4 , 8 divisions RM1102)
Time axis: Numeric value (No of divisions), Time (from start of recording) and Clock are printed
Recording Resolution: 8 dots/mm voltage and time axis
Filing ModeMedia: SD Card
Data Format: Sampling data, Peak data
Recording Method: Normal or Ring recording selectable
X-Y RecordingDrawing Speed: 100mS to 1S
Number of X-Y Display: Max. 3 X-Y displays
Recording Size: 100 x 100mm
Recording Resolution: 800 x 800 dots (80 dots / div)


Voltage Inputs

No of Channels4 channels (RM1101)
8 channels (RM1102)
Input TerminalIsolated BNC Connector
Input Range+/-0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500V FS
AccuracyWithin +/-0.3% FS (Linearity within +/-0.1% FS)
Frequency ResponseDC Coupling: DC - 400KHz (+0.5 within -3dB)
AC Coupling: 1 to 400KHz (+0.5 within -3dB)
Resolution14 bit, 1µS Max conversion speed


Temperature Inputs

No of Channels4 channels (RM1101)
8 channels (RM1102)
Input TerminalM3 screw terminal block
Thermocouple Types and rangeR Type, R1760 (0 to 1760°C)
T Type, T400 (-200 to 400°C)
J Type, J1100 (-200 to 1100°C)
K Type, K500 (-200 to 500°C); K1370 (-200 to 1370°C)
W Type, W2300 (0 to 2300°C)
AccuracyWithin +/-0.5% FS
Cold JunctionInternal / External switchable
Frequency ResponseDC to 50KHz (+0.5, within -3dB)
Resolution14 bit, 1µS Max conversion speed


Logic Inputs

No of Channels4 channels (RM1101)
8 channels (RM1102)
Input ConnectorCircular Mini DIN Connector x 1 (RM1101)
Circular Mini DIN Connector x 2 (RM1102)
Input TypeVoltage / Contact input for each channel
Voltage InputVoltage Range: 0 - 5V (with logic cable: 0 - 24V)
Detecting Levels: H - 2.5V or more; L - 0.5V or less
Input Current: 1µA
Contact InputDetection Level: Short (H) - 250ohm or less; Open (L) - 2Kohm or more
Load current: 2mA max.
Response TimeWithin 1µS (at input "H", level +5V or higher)
Data SavingRecord "1" or "0", when logic level is "H" or "L" respectively