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WX-7000 Series

Manufacturer: TEAC


The WX-7000 Series, a new Portable Instrumentation Data Recorder family of products designed to provide multi-channel high-bandwidth data recording for testing and monitoring requirements in aerospace, defense, electrical power generation, underwater research, rail transportation, automotive, heavy machinery, and acoustic and vibration-based industrial applications.

The new WX-7000 portable data recorder utilizes a high data capacity RDX® hard drive or a solid-state flash memory SDHC card.  The WX-7000 flexible memory design provides the ability to record up to 1TB of data with the RDX drive, and 32GB with the current industry standard SDHC flash memory card, respectively. The current max data capacity of 1TB provides recording for more than 38 hours using 16 channels recording simultaneously at a 192KHz sampling rate (80KHz Bandwidth per channel) with 16-bit resolution.

A full-function control panel and display on the face of the WX-7000 Series provides for complete portable stand-alone operation. Additionally, the system is equipped with a Gigabit-Ethernet interface for remote control, monitoring and recording via a PC with the included WXNavi application software. WXNavi, in addition to providing parameter set-up of the WX-7000 from a PC, allows users to view and edit recorded data files, and convert TEAC files to other file formats for fast data analysis by available expert analysis software applications.

  • DC to 80 KHz bandwidth per channel with up to 16-channels of DC-IEPE(ICP®) input and analog output with 16-bit resolution or 8 channels at 24-bit resolution
  • Standard configuration with RDX®* drive slot and SD card slot
  • Up to 128 channels configuration is available by using expansion units (16-channels I/O each)
  • Synchronous recording of 2 units (provides up to 256 channels of analog input/output )
  • Front panel control for portable stand-alone operation and Gigabit-Ethernet interface for remote control, front-end recording, and data transfer via PC
  • Remote PC control/front-end recording application software provided as standard accessory

*RDX is a rugged high reliability hard-disc based storage system with removable cartridges, with a high data capacity. 

The TEAC WX-7000 series is an excellent replacement to the SONY SIR-1000 series, featuring better bandwidth, cheaper media and easier data transfer / extraction.

Number of channels (Input / Outputs)

16 channels (Main Unit)
32, 64 and 128 channels by adding 16 channel expansion units

Frequency Bandwidth

16bit mode
16 channels, DC - 80KHz (fs 192KHz)
32 channels, DC - 40KHz (fs 96KHz)
64 channels, DC - 20KHz (fs 48KHz)

24bit mode
8 channels, DC - 80KHz (fs 192KHz)
16 channels, DC - 40KHz (fs 96KHz)
32 channels, DC - 20KHz (fs 48KHz)

InputDC, AC, ICP® (TEDS Supported)
Input Range±0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20V
Output Range±1 to 5V (selectable in 0.1 V steps)
Range AccuracyLess than ±2 %
Inter-channel Phase DifferenceLess than 1 degree @ 20KHz Bandwidth
ResolutionSelectable 16-bit/24-bit, utilizing Delta-Sigma ADCs with digital and analog
Anti-aliasing filters (2nd-order Butterworth)
Dynamic Range100 dB @ 24 bit mode, 89 dB @ 16 bit mode
Front Panel Display3.5" TFT LCD with Bar Meters
Recording Media

SDHC Flash Memory Card
RDX Hard Drive (SSD type also available)

Media CapacitySDHC, up to 32GB (5hrs, 16ch, 20KHz BW @ 16 bit mode)
RDX, up to 1TB (38hrs, 64ch, 20KHz BW @ 16 bit mode)
Digital Input (Optional)CAN, GPS (NMEA)
Time Code (Optional)IRIG-B
InterfaceLAN, Gigabit Ethernet
Synchronization2 units synchronized operation available (Max 128ch x 2 =256ch)
Data File FormatTAFFmat (TEAC Data Acquisition File Format)
Safety StandardSafety: UL , NRTL/C , CE EMI: FCC Part 15, Class A
Shock and VibrationMIL-STD-810E 514.4-1.2.3
Temperature / Humidity0 to 40°C, 10 to 85% RH
Dimensions / WeightWX-7016 - W340 x H123 x D220 (mm), 7.4 kg
WX-7032 - W340 x H164 x D220 (mm), 10.4 kg
WX-7064 - W340 x H245 x D220 (mm), 17.1 kg
WX-7128 - W340 x H412 x D220 (mm), 30.2 kg
Power ConsumptionDC: 11 - 30V
AC: 110 - 240V
WX-7016: 53W, WX-7032: 90W, WX-7064: 166W, WX-7128: 317W


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