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Category: Handheld Loggers
Manufacturer: TEAC

RT-View is a simple to use real time analysis tool for the TEAC VR-24 data recorder. 

While the VR24 is recording data in the background RT-View displays the incomming data in several modes. It allows various trigger options. Eight cursors and advanced zoom methods are supported. Any calculation, display setting or number of views can be altered in real time. RT-View uses a simple human interface (optimized for touch panels) without nested dialogs. In nearly all cases RT-View uses one button for one function. The Auto layout lets you display up to 2 diagrams with selectable functionality. 



  • Easy to use interface
  • FFT, Power spectrum, Power spectral density, Frequency response, Cross spectrum, Coherence, Autocorrection, Cross correlation, Spectrogram, Numerical display.
  • Up to 8 cursors, with automatic peak detect in some functions. Difference or RMS values between cursors.
  • Octave diagram with A, C and Z weighting, Exponential time filter, L and Leq calculation, Bandwidth 1, 1/3 and 1/6 octave.
  • Selectable Windows functions, FFT points, averaging and overlay for frequency functions.
  • X-Y zoom with selectable boundaries.
  • Time diagram with various trigger modes.



Real Time DisplayDiagram TypeTime diagram / FFT / Power spectrum or Power spectrum density / Frequency response function / Coherence / Auto correlation / Cross correlation / FFT spectrogram / Octave analysis / Digital multimeter
 Number of display1 / 2
 Display UpdateSingle / Continuous
FFT Set upNumber of line16 - 65536 (increments of a power of 2)
 Averaging1 - 128 (increments of a power of 2)
 OverlappingBetween 0 and 75% of FFT the data points (in 25% steps)
 Window FunctionRectangle / Bartlett / Hanning / Hamming / Blackman / Flat Top / Low Sidelobe
Time DiagramChannelMax. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
 CouplingDC / AC
 TriggerNon / Auto / Level, define the pre trigger value between 0 - 100% (in 10% steps) of the display area.
FFT / Power Spectrum (Density)ChannelMax. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
 Y-axisRMS / Peak (only FFT) / dB
 AveragingLinear / Peak hold
 3D DisplayAvailable
Frequency Response FunctionChannelOne pair (Analog channel) selectable
 Y-axisLinear / dB
 Calculation methodsH0 / H1 / H2
Cross Spectrum / Coherence / Cross CorrelationChannelOne pair (Analog channel) selectable
Auto Correlation / SpectrogramChannelMax. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
Octave AnaylsisChannelMax. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
 Band width1/1, 1/3
 WeightingNone / A / C
 Time weightingSlow / Fast / 35 msec
 DisplayL, Leq
Digital MultimeterChannelMax. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
 Integration Times0.3 / 1 / 3 seconds
 Display ValueLast value (no calculation) / Mean / RMS / Max / Min
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