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FlexPro® is a powerful data analysis and reporting package, compatible with many manufacturer's binary data types and common ASCII files.

FlexPro® Key Features:
  • Fast searching of large amounts of data
  • Data can be imported in all popular formats
  • Latest analysis procedures for the precise analysis of your measurement data
  • Use your analyses on any number of measurements at the click of a button
  • Process millions of measurement values in seconds using your multicore CPU
  • Share analysis templates over your network

Evaluate Measurements Interactively

The powerful FlexPro® cursor tools help you see immediately what you measured and extract key information from your data without having to make calculations.

A master/slave device concept and various I/O modules are used to tailor ProfiMessage D to your individual needs, no matter whether you want to record 10 or 1000 measuring channels on your test stand. The device inputs and outputs are differential, high precision and galvanically isolated, from each other and from the supply voltage. This unique system architecture avoids disruptive ground loops and enables problem-free, non-floating measuring. Each input can be individually configured for measuring mV, mA, RTDs and thermocouples, according to the I/O module being used.

Increased sampling times and channel count compared to the RA2300MKII


Available April 2021 - click here for product page


Key Features:

  • Max 36 analog / 144 digital channels
  • Voltage, temperature, logic inputs
  • 4GB memory capacity (20MS/s, 5.6 seconds when using 18ch)
    SSD capacity 256GB (1MS/s, about 50 minutes)
  • Max 20 MS/s sampling (5 ns sampling to internal memory)
    SSD recording: 1 MS/s (1 μs) max
  • Ability to replay data whilst still recording
  • Backup to SSD even when recording paper runs out
  • YT waveform display, XY display, FFT analysis during measurement
  • USB 3.0, SDXC and Gigabit Ethernet




No. Channels

Max Sampling Speed






16 bit

± 500V (DC or AC peak)




16 bit

± 200V (DC or AC peak)

High Speed Voltage



14 bit

± 500V (DC or AC peak)




16 bit

K, E, J, T, N, R, S, B, C

Pt100, Pt1000




16 bit

0 to 24V



Maintenance systems for the condition monitoring of plant and machinery are already well established with the trend now increasingly moving towards predictive maintenance. This trend is becoming more and more important in the context of smart industry, i.e. continuous condition monitoring through to the detailed analysis of correlations and patterns using special algorithms.
Predictive maintenance aims to proactively maintain machines and systems and thus keep downtimes to the minimum. To achieve this and go beyond the reactive and preventive maintenance of standard condition monitoring requires the efficient processing of large volumes of heterogeneous data.

The brand new measurement technology software ProfiSignal 20 heralds a new era of measurement data analysis and process control. ProfiSignal 20 comes with a modern design and a multitude of new functions with ground-breaking platform independence.

Scan and check via an innovative SCACH function

Are you familiar with the following scenario? While passing through a production facility, machine installation or test centre, you want to quickly check the status of the systems. This is generally difficult because not every machine is equipped with a user interface. So what can you do? ProfiSignal 20 solves the problem with a new SCACH function!