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DAQLOG Systems are pleased to present A&D's latest release, the RA2300MKII.

This new and improved chart recorder boasts the following features:

  • Ruggedised case and handle
  • Increased internal storage to 160GB HDD / 256GB SSD
  • Arithmetic operation FFT Software, built in as standard



Like its predecessors the RA2300MKII is easy to set up and operate, and provides highly accurate measurement in noisy environments. All accessories for previous models are compatible, so upgrading to this latest chart recorder is simple and cost saving.


RA2300MKII Features and Specifications

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The RA2300MKII can be used on product lines, for quality inspection and R&D. Typical Applications for the RA2300MKII include:

Steel Industry

A&D RA2300MKII Control and Monitoring of Flaw Detection
Control and monitoring of flaw detection data. On the production line, long-term measurement data can be saved to a file and waveforms can be checked on recording paper on the spot.

Relay Testing in Substation Equipment

A&D RA2300MKII Relay Tests in Substation Equipment
Measure 3 phase signals and trip signals in relay tests for ground faults and short circuits.

Transportation Equipment

A&D RA2300MKII Railway Vehicle Testing
Engine and brake testing, long term continuous testing of railway vehicles, breaker and traffic signal operation monitoring.

Durability Testing of Structures

A&D RA2300MKII Durability Testing of Structures
Display and record the correlation between two physical quantities such as displacement and load in creep tests (measuring the change in displacement when a specific load is applied) or tensile compression tests (applying a compression or tensile load to a material. Measurement of noise and vibration at construction sites.

Maintenance and Inspection of Air Conditioning Equipment and Distribution Boards

A&D RA2300MKII Maintenance and Inspection
Measure the operation timing of control relays, changes in temperature and pressure and current/voltage changes in main power systems.