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Service and Calibration

DAQLOG Systems are able to provide you with full after sales care, by offering the following services:

  • Firmware updates
    Manufacturers may release new firmware revisions that fix bugs or enhance the products ability, these will be advised to you and your system will be updated where necessary.
  • Support
    Electronic, telephone, remote or on-site support is always available. (Note charges may apply depending on circumstances)
  • Repairs
    With the full support of our suppliers we are able to offer in-house repair services, always using where needed the original manufacturers parts. On-site repairs are possible where parts needed are either in stock or pre-ordered. On occasions however it may prove quicker, cheaper or necessary for your unit to be returned to the manufacturer for repair and when this occurs you will be advised and quoted accordingly.
  • Calibration
    It is essential to have your system calibrated to ensure it is performing within manufacturers specifications. Our recommended calibration interval is every 12 months and a calibration certificate will be provided with results traceable to national standards, detailing all points checked. On-site calibration services are available should you prefer this.

Please find below a selected sample of products we are able to offer the above on. Note lines marked with a * are now discontinued and some services and especially new spares may be unobtainable. However refurbished or 2nd user parts may still be available:

  • Sony Precision Technology:
    PC204, PC208, PC216 DAT recorder series*
    SIR-1000, SIR-1000i and SIR-1000W AIT eecorder series*
    SCX-32, SCX-32i and SCX-16W expansion units*
    SIR-3000 / SIR-3100 Series Recorders*
  • AVIO (Formally NEC San-ei and NEC AVIO):
    8M36/8M37, RT2100 series(RT2108 / RT2116), RT3108, RT3200 series, RT3300 series, RT3608, RT3424 Thermal Chart Recorders*
    RA1100, RA1200, RA1300 Thermal Chart Recorders*

  • Micromovements / Metrum
    M10-120, M12-150A, M200, M300 UV Oscillograph recorders*



Is it our intention to provide you, our customer, with the best service possible. We will ensure you are kept informed of order progress and we will always ensure you are given all the available options, to allow you pick the one that suits your requirements and budget the best.

We will soon be initiating our ISO 9001:2008 assessment and hope to successfully pass our initial assessment and gain accreditation.